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Are you wasting time writing



Inspect Properties With Your Ipad Or Tablet And Automatically Create and Send Professional  Building Inspection Reports With 1-Click


OnInspection is a cloud-based application that takes the pain and time out of building inspections & reports. Almost Overnight and Guaranteed.

  • Complete the inspection with your Ipad or Tablet. Simply gather the information you need, make comments and add photos while on site.
  • Saves all field notes and information required to produce your report.
  • The system learns each users terminology and phrasing over time. Never type something twice.
  • Produce your own report, not someone elses report format.
  • Automatically create professional looking building inspection reports based on the field information gathered.
  • Customised report produced in either MS Word or PDF format with your companies branding and individual format.
  • Automatically send a personalised email to the property owner with the inspection report attached with 1-Click.


Here's The Benefits OnInspection Will Bring You Almost Overnight.


Save hours of precious time every single day. (Become more productive, stress free and free up time to do what matters to you - whether that's growing your building inspection business (more profit) or spending more time with your friends and family - the choice - is up to you).

Worked hard on creating your report format? Great, we dont want to change it. We will help you produce it more quickly and more efficiently.

Inspect your properties from your Ipad or Tablet. Gather information and use our narative comment builder, easily add comments and photos.(Never print out inspection sheets or use a digital camera again. Tick off things, write comments and snap photos with 1 easy-to-use device).

Automatically Create & Send beautiful inspection reports with your own branding and photos in either MS Word or PDF format 1-Click. (NEVER Manually type up a report again from scratch, Never manually type up an email with the inspection report attached again, OnInspection will automatically create a beautiful inspection report, write a personalised email (from you!) with the inspection report attached and send it to the property owner with 1-Click).

OnInspeciton also keeps you dangerously organised. Create a quote or add a new job to your dashboard from any computer and any mobile phone. (Never make calls back to the office, Never forget an alarm code, key location, tenant or owners name. All the details you need are at your fingertips).

View a simple schedule of your inspections that automatically updates itself and knows when inspections are due and done.


How Safe is OnInspection?


We are 100% Committed to your Safety and Security.

We understand that moving your business online can be scary. OnInspection incorporates the most advanced security solutions. OnInspection utilises 256-bit SSL encryption and world-class server infrastructure.

Multiple Backups

OnInspection stores user data in our secure servers. Everything you have in OnInspection from property details to tenant details to inspection reports, everything is automatically and immediately copied to multiple backup locations. Because backups are done instantly, the rare interruption at one location can be automatically resolved by accessing data at any other location.

Online Security

Your login information with OnInspection is secure and encrypted using industry-leading SSL technology. The information stored on our servers is accessible only by SSL encrypted endpoints - meaning your data can't be viewed while being sent from your computer to the secure data facilities. Your data with OnInspection is safe and is possibly even safer than traditional offline storage.

Here's The Problem With Traditional Property Inspections

The below workflow shows the shockingly outdated process of inspecting properties and creating inspection reports.

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Here's What's Wrong With This:

  • Hugely time consuming
  • Mostly manual - painful - tasks
  • Does not grow your business - just the mundane day-to-day things you have to do to service your existing customers.

Lets face it. Writing property inspection reports suck precious time out of your day like a flat tire on the main highway during rush hour.

How much time do you spend creating inspection reports? You are a professional and your time is better spent working on the business and inspecting properties not completing secretarial tasks.

Are there other things you would rather be doing (if you had the time) like growing your business?

Enough of the problem.

Here's The Property Inspection Process With OnInspection

The below workflow shows the process of inspecting properties and creating inspection reports with OnInspection.


OnInspection automates the most repetitive and time consuming tasks in the property inspection process so that you can save hours of time every day and focus on things that are more important.